CustomGame.GetLoadSlots(List<int> playersConnected);
public List<int> GetLoadSlots(
    List<int> playersConnected

Returns a list of the slots that are invited but not ingame, caused by using CustomGame.InvitePlayer().

The example below will invite Tracer#1818 to the custom game, and display a welcoming message when she joins.

using System;
using CustomGameOW;


static void Main(string[] args)
    CustomGame cg = new CustomGame();

    // Send an invite to Tracer#1818, wait for her to join the game, then send an message welcoming her to the game.

    cg.InvitePlayer("Tracer#1818"); // Invite Tracer#1818 to the game

        int ingame = cg.playercount - cg.GetLoadCount(cg.playerslot); // Get number of players ingame rather than slots filled
        if (ingame > 0)
            cg.Chat("Welcome, Tracer, to the game!");

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