CustomGame.AddAI(AIHero hero, Difficulty difficulty, BotTeam team, int count = -1);
public bool AddAI(
    AIHero hero, 
    Difficulty difficulty, 
    BotTeam team, 
    int count = -1

AI hero type to add.
Type: CustomGameOW.AIHero

Difficulty of AI added.
Type: CustomGameOW.Difficulty

Team that the AI is added to.
Type: CustomGameOW.BotTeam

Number of AI that is added. Defaults to -1. Adds maximum amount of bots possible when at -1.
Type: int

Adds AI to the game. Returns false if fails to add AI, returns true if it successfully adds AI.

The example below will add 6 hard recommended AI to the blue team and 4 hard Bastions to the red team.

using System;
using CustomGameOW;


static void Main(string[] args)
    CustomGame cg = new CustomGame();

    cg.AddAI(AIHero.Recommended, Difficulty.Hard, BotTeam.Blue); // Add 6 hard recommended heroes to blue team

    cg.AddAI(AIHero.Bastion, Difficulty.Hard, BotTeam.Red, 4); // Add 4 hard bastions heroes to red team