CustomGameOW.CustomGame class

Method Description
AddAI(); Adds AI to the custom game.
BackToMenu() Goes back to executing position after map load.
Chat() Sends a message to the chat ingame.
ClickOption() Changes game state.
EditAI() (3 overloads) Edits an AI.
GetAIDifficulty() Gets the difficulty of an AI.
GetCurrentOverwatchEvent() Gets the current event in Overwatch.
GetGameState() Gets the current state of the game.
GetLoadCount() Returns the number of players that are invited but not ingame.
GetLoadSlots() Returns a list of the slots that are invited but not ingame.
GetQueueTeam() Gets the team a player in the queue is queueing for.
InvitePlayer() Invites a player to the custom game. Is case sensitive.
IsAI() Checks if slot is AI.
IsHeroChosen() Checks if targetted player has chosen a hero.
IsUltimateReady() Check if the input slot has their ultimate ability.
JoinChannel() Join chat channel.
LoadPreset() Loads preset.
LoadStall() Waits for map to finish loading.
MapIDFromName() Gets map ID from string.
MapNameFromID() Gets map name from map ID.
MaxPlayerCount() Returns the maximum player count of both teams.
Menu() Executes an action on target slot.
ModeratorSlot() Gets the slot that the moderator is on.
Move() Moves player's slot.
Pause() Pauses the server if the server is unpaused, else it does nothing.
PlayerExists() Tests if player account exists via battletag.
PlayersDead() Returns a list of players who are dead.
RemoveAllBots() Removes all AI from the game. Input slot must be an AI.
RemoveAllBotsAuto() Removes all AI from the game. No slot required.
RemoveFromGame() Removes player or AI from the game.
RestartGame() Restarts the game.
SendServerToLobby() Sends the custom game server to the lobby.
SetGameName() Sets custom game name.
SetHeroRoster() Changes hero roster.
SetHeroSettings() Changes individual hero settings.
SetJoinSetting() Changes which players can join.
SetMaxPlayers() Sets max players for blue team, red team, FFA count or spectator.
SetTeamName() Changes name for a team.
StartGame() Starts the game from the lobby.
StartGamemode() Starts the game when waiting for players.
SwapAll() Swaps players in both teams. Only works when the max player count is the same for both teams.
SwapTeam() Swaps team of player.
SwapToBlue() Swaps player to blue team.
SwapToNeutral() Swaps player in queue to neutral team.
SwapToRed() Swaps player to red team.
SwapToSpectators() Swaps player to spectators.
ToggleMap() Toggles map in Overwatch.
TogglePause() Toggles moderator pause feature. Apon unpausing, a 5 second countdown is shown to all players until they can move again.
Unpause() Unpauses the server and starts a 5 second countdown.
Property Description
BlueCount Number of players in blue team.
BlueSlots List of the slots that are filled on blue team.
PlayerCount Number of players in blue and team.
PlayerSlots List of the slots that are filled on blue and red team.
QueueCount Number of players in queue.
RedCount Number of players in red team.
RedSlots List of the slots that are filled on red team.
SpectatorCount Number of players in spectators.
SpectatorSlots List of the slots that are filled on spectators.
TotalPlayerCount Number of players in custom game server, including players invited.
TotalPlayerSlots List of slots filled in custom game server, including players invited.
Field Description
ChatPrefix Adds a prefix to chat messages sent by Chat().
CurrentOverwatchEvent The current Overwatch event.
ModesEnabled The modes enabled in custom games.