Overwatch Custom Game Automation

A library for automating Overwatch custom games.


Getting Started

Add a reference to Deltin.CustomGameAutomation and create a CustomGame object.

using Deltin.CustomGameAutomation;
CustomGame cg = new CustomGame();


// Writes to the console the number of players in the custom game server.
int allPlayers = cg.AllCount;
Console.WriteLine("Total player count: " + allPlayers);

// Writes to the console the number of players in the blue team.
int blueCount = cg.BlueCount;
Console.WriteLine("Players in blue: " + blueCount);

// Sends a message to the chat.
cg.Chat.SendChatMessage("Welcome to my custom game!");

// Moves all players in blue to red.
var slots = cg.GetSlots(SlotFlags.Blue);
foreach (int slot in slots)

// Adds 3 hard AI Bastions to the red team.
cg.AI.AddAI(AIHero.Bastion, Difficulty.Hard, Team.Red, 3);

// Sets the selected map to Volskaya Industries, Hollywood, and Busan.
	modesEnabled: Gamemode.Assault | Gamemode.AssaultEscort | Gamemode.Control | Gamemode.Escort,
	currentEvent: OWEvent.None,
	toggleAction: ToggleAction.DisableAll,
	Map.A_VolskayaIndustries, Map.AE_Hollywood, Map.C_Busan
// Invites a player to the game.
cg.InvitePlayer("Tracer#1234", Team.BlueAndRed);

// ...And more!

Tutorial and Documentation

Not working?

Overwatch's colorblind, gamma, and brightness settings must be set to default. Contrast must be set to the minimum.

The default method for capturing the Overwatch screen is BitBlt. If the library doesn't work for you, use ScreenCopy.

CustomGame cg = new CustomGame(
	new CustomGameBuilder()
		ScreenshotMethod = ScreenshotMethod.ScreenCopy